2022-23 Registration

Registration for the 2022-23 Season is now closed.

Contact admin@svha.ca if you have questions or need any assistance

General Information

Registration Periods
Early Bird: June 15 to July 31, 2022
Regular: August 1 to August 15, 2022
Late: August 16 to August 31, 2022
Registration closes August 31, 2022 at midnight


Fees & Payment

Fee for the 2023 / 2024 Hockey Season To Be Determined


Payment Information

Registration is done ONLINE only utilizing Teamsnap. Teamsnap accepts Visa or Mastercard.

Payment - there are two options to choose from:

  1. At time of registration pay full fees via Teamsnap
  2. At time of registration pay $250.00 deposit and choose a payment plan.  The payment plan is Three (3) equal installment of the remaining fees.  Payments will be automatically charged to your credit card on August 30, September 30 and October 30.  Payment plans are ONLY available to players who register prior to August 15.

Any registrations that have not paid the minimum $250.00 deposit and have payment plan in place will NOT be considered a registered SVHA player and will NOT be allowed to participate in evaluations. NO EXCEPTIONS

U13, U15, U16, U17, & U18 AA or AAA Calgary Northstars Tryouts:

Players who are trying out for AA or AAA teams with the Calgary Northstars Hockey Association (CNHA) are required to register with SVHA as well as CNHA.

  1. You will NOT need to pay for your registration until you know if your player will be playing in SVHA.  Choose “Trying out for CNHA” as your division choice.
  2. You must register before July 31 in order to qualify for the “Early Bird Discount” either the regular or late fee depending on when you register
  3. You MUST notify the registrar at admin@svha.ca if you are returning to SVHA from CNHA tryouts, otherwise you will NOT be allowed to evaluate.

Financial Aid

Families that require financial assistance may apply to one of the below stated programs.  Hockey Calgary provides funding only through the Flames Even Strength Program application.  You will be required to complete your FESP application online and submit it directly to Hockey Calgary.

FESP funding for 2022-23 is set at a maximum of $700.00.

Any member applying for financial assistance must contact admin@svha.ca. prior to registering so fees can be adjusted.

Hockey Calgary, KidSport, the Flames Foundation & Canadian Pacific have teamed up to support the Flames EvenStrength Program (FESP).  This initiative helps to alleviate the cost of playing hockey for children in our community who face financial barriers to participating in organized sports.  Since 1998, the program has distributed over $3,200,000 in support of  local minor hockey players so they can play the game they love.

Please note that in order to apply for funding, your player(s) must already be registered with your hockey association.

he application link below for the 2022-2023 season will be activated on July 1st and the deadline to apply is October 15th. This is an online application only – no paper copies are provided.

Flames EvenStrength Application 2022-2023

For more information on funding, contact Pam Douglas at the Hockey Calgary office: pam.douglas@hockeycalgary.com

Please note that your financial assistance information is kept strictly confidential.

If you are approved for financial assistance and require equipment for your player/goalie you may request assistance through Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank.  Anyone that qualifies for the Flames Even Strength Program also qualifies for Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank.   Please contact admin@svha.ca for further information.

U11 Hybrid Goalies

SVHA ‘Hybrid Goalie’ Policy (last year’s policy)

This policy is in place to compliment and further detail the Hockey Calgary U11 ‘Hybrid Goalie’ Policy.


All U11 participants will be made aware of the Hockey Calgary U11 ‘Hybrid Goalie’ Policy and all interested participants will be given an opportunity to be a ‘Hybrid Goalie’ provided they meet all the necessary criteria as outlined in the Hockey Calgary U11 ‘Hybrid Goalie’ Policy.

In addition to the details outlined in the Hockey Calgary U11 ‘Hybrid Goalie’ Policy, any prospective and accepted ‘Hybrid Goalies’ must meet the SVHA criteria pertaining to the following:

Registration Procedure:

  1. You must register as a U11 Hybrid Goalie.   If you choose player not as a U11 Hybrid Goalie you will NOT be allowed to evaluate as a hybrid goalie

Evaluation Procedure:

  1. All prospective ‘Hybrid Goalies’ will be evaluated as both a ‘Goaltender’ and a ‘Skater’ and will receive a minimum of 2 sessions at each position
  2. Goalie Evaluations will consist of 1 Placement session and 1 Skills session
  3. Player Evaluation will consist of 1 Time Trial and 1 Skills session
  4. Following the 2 evaluation sessions at each position, prospective ‘Hybrid Goalies’ will either:
    • Be informed that they will not meet the criteria and must choose to designate as either a ‘Goaltender’ or a ‘Skater’ for the season. The participant will proceed in any further evaluation process at the designated position.


  • Continue to be evaluated at either or both positions at the discretion of the Coordinator/Committee. Note: Further evaluation does not mean that the participant has been approved as a ‘Hybrid Goalie’.
  1. After all evaluations (at the discretion of the Evaluation Coordinator/Committee) have been completed, prospective ‘Hybrid Goalies’ will either:
    • Be informed that they will not meet the criteria and must choose to designate as either a ‘Goaltender’ or a ‘Skater’ for the season.


  • Be informed that that meet the criteria and will be an approved ‘Hybrid Goalie’ the season.

Team Placement:

  1. The Association and Evaluations Coordinator/Committee will have sole discretion of Team Placement. Requests for team placement pertaining to position specific evaluations will not be considered (ex. If participant evaluates 1 division apart between ‘goaltender’ and ‘skater’, they will not be able to request one or the other).
  2. The participant will not have input on team placement.
  3. ‘Hybrid Goalie’ evaluation results will not be shared.
  4. All efforts will be made to place ‘Hybrid Goalies’ on teams with other ‘Hybrid Goalies’.

Practices and Games:

  1. The Association has sole discretion to determine the split, for games and practices, that a ‘Hybrid Goalie’ will dress as a ‘goaltender’ and a ‘skater’.
  2. There will be a 50/50 split at each position (‘goaltender’ and ‘skater’), for practices and games, unless otherwise determined by the Association.
    1. The Association has the discretion to place more than 2 ‘Hybrid Goalies’ on a team, which would impact the split (ex. Association can place 4 ‘Hybrid Goalies’ on a team, in which case the split may be 25/75, for games and practices, for appearances as a ‘goaltender’/’skater’).
    2. When placing a ‘Full-time Goalie’ on a team with a ‘Hybrid Goalie’, the Association has the discretion to modify the split (ex. ‘Full-time Goalie’ dresses for 75% of games, ‘Hybrid Goalie’ split is 25/75, for games and practices, for appearances as a ‘goaltender’/’skater’).

Conditions of the ‘Hybrid Goalie’:

  1. ‘Hybrid Goalies’ are required adhere to the ‘goaltender’/’skater’ schedule, for practices and games, as determined by the Association and head coach.
  2. ‘Hybrid Goalies’ are required to commit to playing both positions for the season, unless otherwise approved by the Association.

Conditions of the Association and the Coach

  1. The Head Coach is required to keep a log/record, for practices and games, documenting each instance in which the ‘Hybrid Goalie’ has dressed as a ‘goaltender’ and as a ‘skater’.
  2. The Head Coach is required to maintain the ‘goaltender’ and ‘skater’ split, as determined and outlined by the Association.


Refund Policy

If a player is withdrawn for the hockey season, a refund of a percentage of registration fees may be available, subject to the following policy.

Refunds will not be provided for missed games or for portions of the hockey season (this includes player suspensions).  Once a player has been withdrawn, they will NOT be permitted to register again with SVHA until the following Hockey season.

To initiate a formal request for a registration fee refund, parents are required to email  admin@svha.ca highlighting “REQUEST FOR REFUND” in the subject line, identifying the player involved, and explaining the reason for withdrawal.    A review of the date and nature of the request will be completed.

It is acknowledged that extenuating circumstances can sometimes occur (e.g. player injuries, parent work transfers).  If required, a doctor’s note will need to be emailed separately to admin@svha.ca. If the request is due to medical disablement a refund will be processed and returned to you within 30 days of your request.

A non-refundable administration fee of $100.00 will be applied to all registration fee refunds, except under the following situations:

  • Successful Calgary Northstars Hockey Association player try-outs;
  • SVHA-initiated player releases; or
  • As deemed warranted by the Board of Directors due to extenuating circumstances.

Initial $250.00 Registration Deposit is non-refundable; except under the following situations:

  • Unforeseen events, such as COVID-19, or other similar scenario’s, including the inability to use or access the necessary facilities, will result in a full refund minus un-recoverable costs to SVHA
  • Refunds will be considered for injuries with sufficient details provided on the injury (i.e. doctor’s note)

The percentage of registration fees eligible for refund will be determined by the date SVHA receives the formal request for registration fee refund, as follows:

Prior to First Evaluation Ice Time100%
Prior to Last Evaluation Ice Time75%
Prior to Team Placement50%
Prior to Roster Submission to Hockey Calgary25%
On or after Roster Submission0%

The Board of Directors reserves the right to review individual requests for registration fee refund, and to determine refund amounts accordingly.

May 2019 – Supersedes Members Handbook August 2014

Respect in Sport Parent

Respect in Sport for Parents provides information on a parent’s natural influence over their child, and the role they play in their child’s enjoyment of a sport or activity. The program also provides parents with tools to evaluate their own behaviour.

You are required to take the online course before you register online!  It is a mandatory requirement for Hockey Calgary and without taking the course you will not be able to complete your online registration.

Click Here to take the Respect in Sport Course

Yes all Respect In Sport Certifications are only valid for 3 years.  If you took the course prior to 2016 you will need to recertify

There is a $12.00 which the parent must pay.

You will need to log back into your Respect In Sport account and update your “Child Management” under your profile.   and update your profile to link your children.  

Click Here

Yes if you took the RIS Parent Program through another sport like baseball, then you can transfer that information to your account.  To transfer a certificate from another organization to Hockey Alberta’s parent program you will need to go to the Parent Respect in Sport Link. and follow the instructions.

If you require additional technical assistance with program operation or computer glitches please call the 24/7 Help Desk. The service is in both English and French.

Website: Respect in Sport Support

Northstars – Quadrant Hockey

“Quadrant Elite” is made up of 4 hockey associations in Calgary for high level players, U13 through U21 age. The cost to play quadrant hockey is substantially more than community, most teams have travel requirements, more practices and games, and off ice training. Players must tryout for these teams. 

SVHA falls under the Calgary Northstars Hockey Association (CNHA)

Registration for CNHA opens on June 15.  Make sure to send an email to administrator@calgarynorthstars.com with your players full name, birthdate and Hockey ID number so the Hockey ID number can be shared with CNHA.   You will not be able to register if the Hockey ID number has not been shared.   For more information please go to the Calgary Northstars Hockey Association.

Players trying out for Quadrant Hockey must register directly with the Calgary Northstars Hockey Association.  These players MUST ALSO register with SVHA to facilitate our evaluation process.  Please register online and be sure to indicate that you are trying out for Quadrant Hockey when prompted.   

If you player makes a CNHA Team:

  • Notify admin@svha.ca so that your registration can be deleted from the SVHA registration system.

If your player does not make a CNHA Team

  • Notify admin@svha ASAP so that your registration can be activated and the player added to the SVHA evaluation process.
  • Pay for SVHA fees

It is the player/parent's responsibility to inform SVHA that they have made the CNHA team or that they are returning to SVHA.  Please email admin@svha.ca

North Central Hockey League

The Flames Community House League is a partnership between the Calgary Flames organization, Hockey Calgary and our member associations. The goal is to provide recreational players the opportunity to play organized hockey that is affordable, fun and safe with moderate time commitments allowing for participation in other social, academic or recreational activities. It also provides players with limited skills and knowledge an introduction to the game in a less intimidating format.

The program is regionally based, offers participants a chance to play the great game of hockey with less time and travel commitments.

U9 And U11 ONLY

This is an optional League and is separate from the Minor Hockey Leagues in Calgary.

Some of the highlights include:

  • In this House League Program players will have fewer ice times, relatively fixed dates and times and less travel time.
  • All teams will be balanced equally and play in one division.
  • Players are sorted from Simons Valley and McKnight Associations onto teams to make the numbers as even as possible.  This means that the team your child is placed on may not be in their home association. As an example, if you registered with Simons Valley your player could be placed on a team that may be based out of the McKnight arenas.
  • We will be taking into consideration friend requests but cannot guarantee that they will end up on the same team.
  • The season will run from approximately the beginning of October to the beginning of March.
  • All teams will have one practice and one game per week, and the season will end with all teams playing in a tournament style playoff prior to the end of the season. Days and times will be fixed (as available ice allows) so that families can plan ahead with a reasonable knowledge of how their schedule will look.
  • The league will emphasize fun hockey with no stats or standings and will still provide high quality coaching by certified coaches and competitive games where all players will have the opportunity to improve their skills.
  • All associations will charge a reduced registration fee of $725.00 per player.
  • Additional practice ice, tournaments and exhibition games beyond what the league provides will not be permitted.
  • Both the U9 and U11 leagues will be sanctioned by Hockey Calgary and players will be properly registered and insured within Hockey Calgary.
  • Demand is expected to be high and thus space will be provided on a first-come basis. Associations may have a maximum player allotment for this program to balance team sizes and may be required to assign your child to the traditional program.
House League Players Can Expect:
  1. U9 (2014 – 2015) and U11 (2012 – 2013) divisions only.
  2. Reduced rate of $725.00 for the season.
  3. One practice per week, on a specific day. Ice times for the season will be based on which team you are placed on.
  4. One game per week on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  House games will only be against other McKnight and Simons Valley House teams within the division.
  5. All games will be refereed.
  6. Ice times will be 60 minutes in length.
  7. Ice times will be scheduled for the entire season. Total of 30 ice times per season (15 practices and 15 games).
  8. Ice times will commence in October and end in March.
  9. Attempts will be made to balance each team.  There will be no ranking of House teams.
  10. There will be player “sorting” at the beginning of the season which will be required to balance the House teams. Each association will make every effort to ensure that all teams consist of similar skilled players (outliers may be moved at set times during the season).
  11. Cash Calls will be limited only to the funding of team apparel, trophies/medals and team building events. No team fundraising is allowed. The purchase of ice for additional practices, exhibition games and tournaments will not be permitted.
  12. House teams will not be sanctioned to play in any tournaments (in Calgary or outside of Calgary) or any exhibition games.
  13. Ideal team size is 19 for U9 and 16 for U11.
  14. Friend requests are allowed, Associations will do their best to accommodate but cannot make any guarantees.
  15. Goalie rotation will be allowed in both U9 and U11, and associations will provide necessary goalie equipment for both age groups. [If you child wants to play goalie full time in U11, we will do our best to accommodate that; however, in this situation equipment will NOT be provided. The rotation of goalies in this program is to create additional interest as we see a city wide shortage in our younger age groups.]
  16. Teams will wear their association jerseys during all games.
  17. Socks and a team photo memory mate will be included in fees.
  18. Games will follow all Hockey Calgary Rules and games will adhere to the standard Hockey Canada Fair Play Codes.
  19. McKnight Hockey and Simons Valley Hockey will support their House League teams. Volunteers may be required for the House League and each Association Volunteer Policy will apply to House League teams in the same manner as Minor Hockey teams.
  20. Coaching certification requirements are the same for House League and Community Hockey. Please refer to Hockey Calgary Coaching Requirements. [Requirements include Respect In Sport – Coach program (online), Safety program (online), Coach Stream, or equivalent (online and classroom/on-ice), Checking Skills for U11 ONLY (online and classroom/on-ice)]. Coach certification are reimbursable through the individual Hockey Association.
  21. Coaching selection will be managed through each association. If you are interested in coaching for a House team, please refer to your association website or contact your association for more details.
  22. In order for the House League to continue to move forward, we require a minimum of 16 players per team. Teams may be formed by combining registrations between the associations. We do reserve the right to cancel the House League if we do not meet this minimum registration requirements.


Registration for the House League is the same as the Minor Hockey registration. Every Community District in Calgary is designated to a Hockey Calgary Community Hockey Association. If you do not know which Association you belong to, please refer to the Calgary Association List (found on the Hockey Calgary website, under the Registrations tab). Each Community Hockey Association website will also detail their online registration process. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Association registration contact listed below.

This is an optional program for U9 and U11 divisions only. You can elect to choose to play within the House League or the Minor Hockey League. Players are only able to participate in one league for the duration of the hockey season. Players may only change leagues between hockey seasons.

McKnight Hockey Association
Website: https://www.mcknighthockey.com/
Contact Christina Blumhagen, McKnight Registrar
Email registrar@mcknighthockey.com
Registration TBA
Simons Valley Hockey Association
Website: https://www.svha.ca/
Contact Sarah Palinkas, Administrator
Email admin@svha.ca
Registration TBA

Sample Schedule Only:

October 4 - 5: Team formation and balancing

Weekly Practices: October 6 - December 12 and January 5 - February 20;

Game dates: October 6 - December 12 and January 5 - February 20; Season ending tournament date TBD

I am a RETURNING SVHA MEMBER AND Ready to Register
  • In order to register you will need to have a valid Respect In Sport Certificate
  • In order to register you will need to know your players Hockey Canada ID.
    • If you do not know your player Hockey Canada ID please click here
I am NEW TO HOCKEY or NEW PLAYER IN MY FAMILY that has never registered with any Hockey Association before
  1. Review the SVHA Volunteer Policy and Member Expectations/Fair Play 
  2. Complete the Respect In Sport course.   You will NOT be able to register until the course in complete – Respect In Sport Course
Please choose Simons Valley Hockey Association – DO NOT Choose Calgary Storm
  1. ​Email admin@svha.ca the following information
  • Completed Parent Declaration
  • Picture of the player’s birth certificate or passport for proof of age
  • Picture of proof of residency x 2 (see below for list of acceptable items)
  1. Once all the above information is received the SVHA registrar will send you the link to register your player.

Acceptable Proof of Residence Items

  • Utility bill in your name (Cell Phone bills are not acceptable)
  • Proof of Community school enrollment
  • Current GST Statement or Income Tax Assessment
  • Homeowner/Rental Insurance statement  (If moving prior to the start of the season, a signed purchase/rental agreement with possession date.   If moving to a home under construction – a signed builder agreement with possession date)

***Please note that a Property Tax bill and Driver's License will not be accepted as Proof of Residence***

I am NEW TO SVHA in 2021 but I have played with another Association before

  1. Review the SVHA Volunteer Policy and Member Expectations/Fair Play 
  2. Email admin@svha.ca the following information
  • Completed Parent Declaration
  • Picture of the player’s birth certificate or passport for proof of age
  • Picture of proof of residency x 2 (see below for list of acceptable items)
  1. The SVHA registrar will then request a transfer to SVHA.   An email confirmation will be sent confirming the request has been made.
  2. The SVHA registrar will contact you when the transfer is complete and you are able to register with Simons Valley

Acceptable Proof of Residence Items

  • Utility bill in your name (Cell Phone bills are not acceptable)
  • Proof of Community school enrollment
  • Current GST Statement or Income Tax Assessment
  • Homeowner/Rental Insurance statement (If moving prior to the start of the season, a signed purchase/rental agreement with possession date. If moving to a home under construction – a signed builder agreement with possession date)

***Please note that a Property Tax bill and Driver's License will not be accepted as Proof of Residence***

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